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The Entertainment Technology Center at USC is producing a series of virtual ‘coffee discussions.’ These one-hour discussions provide an opportunity for students and ETC member company executives to connect and discuss topics of mutual interest during this period of remote learning and social distancing. 

Highlight videos from these sessions are embedded below.



Albert Lao, Executive Director of Solutions Architecture for the Americas, Verizon Business Group

Discussion topic: How will advances in network technology over the next 36 months impact the way we watch movies, play videogames, and create and produce immersive and engaging experiences?  (8 minutes)

Universal (1 of 2)

Michael Wise, SrVP and CTO, Universal Pictures, Greg Reed, VP Technology Partnerships, Universal Pictures, and Lindsey Townley, Media Technology Manager at Universal Pictures

Discussion Topic: What’s the future of entertainment; in your hands, on a wall, and in the world around you? (8 minutes)

Universal (2 of 2)

Annie Chang, VP of Creative Technology, and Lindsey Townley, Media Technology Manager at Universal Pictures

Discussion Topic: What kind of engaging entertainment experiences do you want to create, and how do you expect them to be created? (11 minutes)


Michael Park, VP, FOX Digital Marketing – Analytics, Planning, Research and Social Refinery, Fox

Discusion topic: What is the future of streaming entertainment, TV consumption, interactivity, engagement, advertising, marketing, and e-commerce? (13 minutes)


Kaladhar Voruganti Vice President Technology Innovation and Senior Fellow, Equinix, and Doron Hendel Global Business Development / Ecosystem development, Partnerships and Alliances, Equinix

Discussion topic: AI development and Ethics; what are the intended and unintended consequences of the rollout? (11 minutes)


Hanno Basse, Azure CTO, Media and Entertainment, Microsoft

Discussion topic: Production in the Cloud for Media and Entertainment; content creation, distribution, and analytics (10 minutes)



Darcy Antonellis, CEO, Vubiquity

Discussion Topic: The state of higher education and how the educational experience could be improved (12 minutes)


Richard Doherty, Senior Director, Technology Strategy, Office of the CTO at Dolby Laboratories

Discussion topics: VR and AR, and cloud processing; what are they good for, and what concerns you about them? Privacy, security, and controlling your own data. (10 minutes)