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About Philip Lelyveld

Phil Lelyveld manages projects and guides the strategy of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) within USC's School of Cinematic Arts.  The USC ETC, which is funded at the CTO level by the six major studios plus consumer electronics and internet companies, is a think tank and research center that brings together senior executives and thought leaders from the entertainment, consumer electronics, technology, and services industries, as well as USC faculty, to explore and act upon topics and issues related to technical aspects of the creation, distribution, and consumption of entertainment content.  For example, work in the early 2000's at the ETC led to the transition from film to 'Hollywood quality' digital projection in movie theaters.  

Mr. Lelyveld currently leads the Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Initiative; a state-of-the-industry study of the creative, technical, and business issues that will shape this new, emerging art form. Philip has produced events, developed presentations, and written papers on this topic for both professional and general-interest audiences.

He is also doing background research on next generation media tools and experiences for Baby Boomers, and a Hyper-personalized Content Offer Project.  The new media experiences for Baby Boomers include personalized world-building and VR experiences that bridge generational divides and enhance quality of life. The goal of the Hyper-personalized Content Offer Project is to offer appropriate, relevant content to an individual at the ‘monetizable moment’ when it is useful to them.  The idea is to use metadata and consumer online behavior data to create whole new revenue streams for content creators that are not directly related to entertainment.

In 2009 Phil launched and managed the Consumer 3D Experience Lab at the USC ETC.  The Lab addressed stereoscopic 3D in the home, on personal devices, in public spaces, in advertising, and in theaters.  The Lab also covers 3D audio and 3D printers to its coverage.  More recently he ran the “4K Plus” Project; a market research study of what aspects of next generation displays consumers will value (ex. higher resolution, higher frame rate, higher dynamic range, 3D and vertical audio).

Phil is an Entertainment Technology research, strategy, and product development consultant who advises clients on emerging business opportunities.  His recent engagements address alternative uses for movie theaters, transmedia trends and opportunities, future business opportunities for the Post Production industry and the Visual Effects industry, and the future of museums in the digital age.   He has significant expertise in the technical, legal, and business issues associated with the production, distribution, and monetization of content and services, which he acquired during his 10 years as the VP Digital Industry Relations within Disney’s corporate New Technology and New Media strategy group within Strategic Planning.

Mr. Lelyveld makes presentations and leads discussions on entertainment technology topics for entertainment, telco, and consumer electronics industry executives and technologists, as well as graduate students at USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, and Woodbury University.  He produced the 3D University program for the Advanced Imaging Society.

He is a frequent panelist and public speaker at media-related events, including the Sundance Film Festival (speaker and moderator), The Academy of TV Arts and Science, Augmented World Expo, NAB Futures Conf., Audio Engineering Society (opening keynote), Seoul International 3D Fair (closing keynote speaker), Variety 3D Entertainment Summit, Dutch Media Hub (closing keynote speaker), Seoul Digital Forum, Digital Policy Summit, 3D@Home Summit, NAB, CES, Digital Hollywood, E3, and the TeleManagement Forum.

Phil has degrees from UCLA (MBA)Stanford (MS Applied Geophysics), and Tufts (BS Civil Engineering (minors in Music, Geology).  He spent two years doing earthquake prediction and volcanic hazard studies in the Aleutian Islands for Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.  In his first career he lead the development of Arco International's scientific computing infrastructure for oil and gas exploration, developed more environmentally-friendly seismic exploration techniques, and founded the Business and the Environment program at UCLA Anderson School of Business.

Mr. Lelyveld is available for management briefings, market intelligence consulting, expert witness testimony, strategic planning and business development, and lectures related to entertainment & media technology trends and opportunities. He is an advisor to a number of startups in the education, media and entertainment space.

CONTACT INFO: Philip at PhilipLelyveld dot com


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