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The Fall Semester ETC@USC Immersive Media Challenge launch event explanation deck is here.

"Think like a (f)uturist," my July 27, 2019 Siggraph keynote talk, is here

My write-up of the July 22, 2019 AWE LA panel I moderated on technology and the 2020 Election is here.

Student Panel Highlight Reel from June 20, 2019 ETC All Members Meeting is here.

The Immersive Media Challenge, launched on April 25, 2019, is explained here.  The core of the challenge is 1) Come up with a concept for an engaging experience that should be buildable in 3-5 years, and 2) Explain what needs to happen that will make building it possible.

NAB 2019 - My April 11 story on AI trends in Media and Entertainment is here.

Student Panel Highlight Reel from the March 7th ETC Board of Directors meeting is here.

CES 2019 - My stories on Cambridge Consultants' DeepRay Uses AI to Reconstruct Distorted Video in Real Time, CES Panel: Industry Execs Discuss Ethical Implications of AI, Highlights from the AR/VR Think Tank Sessions at CES 2019AI Firm Shows Multilingual Translator That Fits in Your Pocket, French Firm Shows a Robot Stylus That Demos Screen Apps, and Interesting AR and VR Tech Found Around the Edges of CES.

The 6-minute video highlight reel of the Dec. 13, 2018 student panel that I moderated is here.

The audio of my Dec. 7, 2018 VRX Conference panel on "What is Story" in immersive media, with Paul Raphael (Felix & Paul), Bruna Berford (Penrose Studios), Tech Schilowitz (Paramount), and Ryan Pulliam (Specular Theory) is here.  The full conference session descriptions and audio is here.

My pre-CES 2019 essay written for ETCentric that projects the near-term future of immersive media, CES: The Next Wave of Immersive Media Tech and Markets, is here and here.

Immersive Media, Networks, and Imagining Our Future, a talk I gave to the Cisco NAG retreat in Monterrey, CA on Oct. 23, 2018, is here.

I am quoted in aJuly 13, 2018 MIT Technology Review story on Location Based Entertainment here.

Legal issues related to Augmented Reality IP ownership, licensing, liability, and control were discussed by a panel of legal experts at the May 30, 2018 AWE session titled Law and ARder, that I moderated.  The 35 minute video is here.  The ETCentric article is here.

I was quoted in the New York Times on June 14, 2018 regarding Snap Bitmojiis and the future of AR here.

Monetizing a remix to reward both the original artist and the remixer was the winner of the AT&T Shape conference hackathon here.

AWE (Augmented World Expo) had two really good tech demos.  See my story of the June 1, 2018 here.

Lori Schwartz interviewed me on ETC activities and GDPR at Digital Hollywood for her May 23, 2018 podcast here. and here (15 minutes long) after I appeared on the "2018: The Year Augmented Reality Changes Everything" update and prediction panel.

My Location-Based Entertainment panel at NAB on April 9, 2018 is reported on here.

The April 8, 2018 GenZ: Life Experiences and Media Habits deck that I presented at NAB is here: 180408 1045 V2.0 NAB GenZ

The HPA (Hollywood Professional Association) posted a story about some of my recent work here.

I was one of 5 'experts' invited to speak to the EU Commission on Preserving Democracy in the Digital Age in Feb. 22, 2018.  Here are my comments.  The article about my appearance is here and the ETCentric coverage here.  The official EU report is posted here.

My December 13, 2017 pre-CES 2018 overview and projection of VR / AR / Immersive Experience trends is here and originally published here:

My November 21, 2017 summary article on the Venture Reality Fund's H2 report and map of the VR/AR landscape is here.

My coverage of the SMPTE 2017 AI Symposium on October 23, 2017 is here.

Case Western Reserve Law School invited me to give a keynote on legal questions related to immersive media.  (Note that it loses a lot without the video and the commentary.)

My Sept. 18, 2017 brief write-up on the VR Industry Forum's draft standards is here.

I responded on August 28, 2017 to a VentureBeat story on Addressing the Myths That Impact Creation of VR Standards

You'll find the July 7, 2017 Entertainment Marketing Assoc's "Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality Definitions" whitepaper that I contributed to here. 

See my brief July 7, 2017 story on VR World NYC here.

The ETCentric story about our 2016 (and 2017) student intern VR/AR summer program with Sony is here.

My Augmented World Expo 2017 June 2nd presentation on the dark side of AR is here.  The video of the presentation is here.  The ETCentric story summarizing it is here.

A 10 minute highlights reel of the April 6, 2017 USC student panel discussion of media habits is posted here.

My NAB 2017 initial story on VR, AR, and AI discussions at the pre-NAB weekend panels is here.  ETC stories about my April 26, 2017 1/2-day VR session are here; VR Audio panel, Case Study - Pearl (first Oscar-nominated VR short), Case Study Dear Anjelica, VR Producers panel.

Notes from the March 28, 2017 Digital LA 'access and diversity in VR/AR' panel that I participated in are here.

My brief Feb. 28, 2017 VRDC/GDC story on presentations around VR experience design is here.

My "State of AR" in entertainment deck, delivered to the DEW (Digital Entertainment World) Conference on February 1, 2017 is here (with frames substituted for video clips)

My CES 2017 coverage for the ETC@USC included a sampling of the next wave of VR and AR products, an interview with the head of USA Today Network's emerging technology production group, outlier technologies of interest, and descriptions of some drone tech in the CES AR/VR Pitch Competition.

On November 11, 2016, the Entertainment Technology Center at USC brought together 89 people working on Augmented Reality from 56 companies and organizations to share ideas and build community. Here is the AR Salon summary report.

My November 30, 2016 keynote presentation to the IP Conf. in Guangzhou, China, along with a slide-by-slide script prepared for the translator is here.

My Sept. 30, 2016 opening keynote at the Audio for Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference by the Audio Engineering Society, at Los Angeles Convention Center, is here - minus the videos.

Update: here is the link to the video of my Singularity University Global Summit presentation.

Singularity University's first Global Summit asked me to give the keynote talk on VR and pull together a presentation session.  My Aug. 30, 2016 keynote presentation is here.

I gathered useful articles on the nuts and bolts of VR content creation and distributed it on August 1, 2016

"Hollywood's journey into VR" is the title of a collection of customized, regularly-updated talks I've given in China and Canada in June, 2016.  The Toronto version is here. While in China I gave a TV interview here.

June 8, 2016 Airline Passenger Entertainment Assoc.'s APEX Tech Conference presentation that I gave on VR as a passenger experience is here.

May 25, 2016 SMPTE Hollywood chapter presentation of VR basics and resources for learning more, given at the TV Academy's Linwood Dunn Theater, is here.

The April 20, 2016 "The Current State of VR" presentation that kicked off the VR Summit at NAB is here.

The March 24, 2016 student panel "media habits" summary video story is here and here.

The March 15, 2015 VR/AR Update deck, which covers recent news, my VR Summit at NAB, and the Sony Music VR project status, is here.

This is the short deck I referred to during my HPA Retreat panel on February 17, 2016, which was written up here.

On Nov. 17, 2015 I produced a half-day workshop on The Business of Virtual Reality.  104 executives with direct hands-on responsibility for VR bus dev from 72 organizations - from startups to the major Studios - participated.  The report from that event is here.

Here is the presentation I gave to the USC Entertainment Technology Center membership at the 12/11/15 All Members Meeting on things to think about and look for at CES related to VR and AR.  It starts off with UHD TV data generously supplied by Benjamin Arnold of the NPD Group.

My Nov. 1, 2015 NAB Futures presentation, An Overview and Update of VR, is here.

The video of my 10/20/15 Digital Hollywood dinner panel - The Interface: An Object of Beauty: The Doorway to Everything - with Philip Rosedale, John Underkoffler, Richard Marks, and Jack McCauley is here.  Don Levy wrote a nice story about it here.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) asked me to give their Technology Committee an overview of VR, AR, and its potential impact on policy.  The deck I presented during my 1 1/2 hour webinar on Sept. 25, 2015 is here.

My report on Siggraph 2015 VR panels is here (part 1) and here (part 2)

Virtual Reality Primer, with an Emphasis on Camera-Captured VR report is here.  A modified version of this article will appear in the September 2015 Progress Report of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal.

Digital Hollywood Spring 2015 Virtual Reality (VR) track highlights story here.

NAB 2015 Virtual Reality interview, with me, Ted Schilowitz (Fox), and Andrew Shulkind (DP) is here.

My article; Virtual and Augmented Reality at CES 2015 - a Recap is here.

CES 2015 Virtual Reality preview article here and here.

The December, 2014 Student Panel video is here.

I was chosen for the 2014 SocalTECH 50!  "The socalTECH 50 is aimed at identifying and highlighting the top 50 people in the technology industry, who are most likely to create the next big thing, produce the next big exit or to influence the industry in a significant way."

Virtual Reality - the video of my Sept. 14, 2014 brief (18 min.) Virtual Reality primer to the Vizual>NOW conference is posted here on Facebook and here on Youtube.  

June 24, 2014 I produced an educational program on Ultra High Definition (4K) TV for the entire TV Academy membership.  A video of the event is posted on the TV Academy's website as part of their continuing education initiative.  Here is my Intro and Market Overview deck;  140624 ATAS UHD slides .  Here are the speaker bios; 140624 ATAS UHD Bios.  The 2 hour video of the event is on the TV Academy website here:

April 25, 2014 Media Execs gather at HITS 2014: Hollywood's Digital Makeover

March 6, 2014 ETC Megasession student panel highlights

February 20, 2014 article; Digital Entertainment World (DEW) Conference, an Overview Report

November 12, 2013 article; Executives Discuss Second Screens at BroadbandTVCon  

October 23, 2013 article; Report from the SMPTE 4K/UHDTV Symposium - 4K/UHD TV – Will it be a hit with consumers?

August 22, 2013 article from a series written about Los Angeles next gen media companies for the USC ETC; Zefr helps content creators reach their hidden audience

April 13 2013 articles from NAB, The State of Content Disruption, and Cisco's vision of the connected home.

October 5, 2012 article about the Digital Out-of-home Entertainment (DOE) industry annual DNA conference

July 20, 2012 Hyper-Personalized Entertainment Offers initial pitch deck.  The goal of the project is to offer appropriate, relevant content to an individual at the ‘monetizable moment’ when it is useful to them.

June 7, 2012 The Current State of the Consumer 3D Experience whitepaper closes out the 3 years that I have ridden the Hype Curve of stereoscopic 3D, and touches on 3D audio and 3D printers.

May 10, 2012 3D update presentation to UCLA 'The Business of Entertainment' class.  The presentation addresses 3D viewing, the use of 3D in other industries, 3D audio, and 3D printing.

May 7, 2012 KLOS Mark and Brian, 9 AM Hour: 3D Technology, an on-air interview covering many aspects of 3D and movies (KLOS removed the Mark and Brian website when they left the station)

October 1, 2011 3D update deck

September 19, 2011 press event at the Consumer 3D Experience Lab (Video)

July 20, 2011 presentation to the Mayor and Development Agency of Manchester England; Overview of the USC Entertainment Technology Center and 3D Entertainment.

Presentation prepared for June 1, 2011 Vision Performance Institute Research Conference, Pacific University, Oregon; The Current State of the Art, Technology, and Business of 3D Entertainment.

Pecha Kucha (10 slides, 20 seconds per slide) presentation for the April 22, 2011 ImmersiveTech panel; Key stereo 3D issues to keep in mind

Presentation prepared for January 16, 2011 lecture at the Seoul International 3D Fair; Art, Technology, Business, and Health Aspects of 3D

Article prepared December, 2010, Overview of the 3D device landscape: preparation for CES 2011

The video of a March, 2010 "Overview of 3D" lecture I gave at Woodbury Univ. is posted  here.

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