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Sony’s 3D Library lets Aussies borrow products free of charge

Sony's push for three dimensional entertainment has inspired it to launch a series of product-loaning machines in the land of Oz. These "3D Library" kiosks, as the manufacturer is simply dubbing 'em, will let Aussies checkout a variety of Sony's 3D-capable products at no cost and for up to three days. Folks itching to create some 3D content for free can choose from the Handycam HDR-TD10, NEX C3 and Bloggiecameras. And, as if hardware wasn't enough, you'll be surprised to hear the company's also throwing in its own flicks and PlayStation games as part of its loaner campaign. The program is underway now, so all you Australians willing to take Sony up on its offer can hit up the PR below to find the nearest freeloading location.

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