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Sony Introduces New 3D Tech To Reduce Eye Fatigue

[Philip Lelyveld comment: According to this article, Sony has introduced technology to eliminate 'depth of field' decisions and make the entire 3D image clearer.  Do you think that is the case?]

The improved 3D TV namely the HX850 had the X-reality Pro processor incorporated in the set. This same processor had also been used in the company’s HX923 model which had been launched last year. In addition to this hardware, the new set also includes a large database which contains information on the various types of format that would be required for displaying. The set is able to select the appropriate correction depending on the type of input that is coming.

This new technology is specially benefiting the display of background scenes as well as those that have some protrusions in it. The background and foreground now appears clear, a far cry from the usually hazy background that had been the case in all the previous models. It was left to the viewers to decide which scene to concentrate upon.

Directors too resort to creating 3D content using the technique of burring the background to force viewers to concentrate only on the picture they so desired. This however had a disadvantage as viewers who yet tried to focus on the blurred background experienced eye fatigue along with its associated problems. Now this issue is completely removed with the use of the new technology from Sony that is rendering both the foreground as well as background scene clearly. It is therefore more a viewers ease of viewing that the TV set from Sony will be catering for, rather than the director’s choice of focus.

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