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Meet Sense, 3D Systems’ Cheap, Dead-Simple 3D Scanner For The Masses

3dsystems-sense2But here’s the most curious thing about the Sense: everything from the price point to its no-nonsense design to CEO Avi Reichental’s address laden with social media friendly instances of “Sense speak” make it clear that 3D Systems is still intent on trying to crack the consumer market. That’s not exactly unfamiliar territory for the company — it started rolling out a line of consumer-centric 3D printers two years ago, but the cheapest of them still costs a whopping $1,299.

That stands in stark contrast to the hefty price tag of Makerbot’s flagship Replicator 2, but even that lowered price barrier is enough to ensure that mass-market adoption of 3D printers (and the devices that support them) is still a ways off.

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