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Augmented reality WW1 art exhibition opens in Greenwich

640_Black-PoppyRaven is the first oil painter to work in the exciting world of augmented reality, teaming up with industry leading application Blippar to unveil the process of creating her multi-layered oil paintings.

“My paintings have always had layers,” said Raven. “But no one has seen them until now.”

While creating her pieces, Raven set up cameras to capture the journey, with each picture having up to 10,000 photographs depicting its growth.

Within the exhibition, the individual layers, hidden from the final picture, are brought back to life using the Blippar app. Black crows swarm the scene before disappearing in a wave of darkness and sunny skies give way to grey clouds and transform into stunning sunsets. Beneath the ground, under the beauty of the sunflowers, poppies and bluebells lay many a lost life, and broken heart.

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