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Digital Storytelling: A New Virtual Reality Might Not be Far Off

Notes from a panel:

The Panelists at the Digital Storytelling Event for Portland Design Week were:

Shelley Midthun, @shelleytune, Director @ Oregon Story Board

Kelsey Snook, @kelseysnook, Creative Director @ Second Story

Tim Williams, @timbwilliams, Executive Director @ Oregon Film

Peter Lund, @peterlund, COO @ SuperGenius, Chair of Oregon Games Organization

Ben Fischler, @arnoldrenderer, Director of Education + Outreach @ Solid Angle

Monica Morlo, @PortlandCC, Multimedia Ed-Tech @ Portland Community College (PCC)


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The Slack generation

Instead of individual e-mails arriving in a central inbox and requiring attention, Slack structures textual conversations within threads (called “channels”) where groups within firms can update each other in real time. It is casual and reflects how people actually communicate, eschewing e-mail’s outdated formalities.

Its other selling-point is efficiency. A survey of users, admittedly conducted by the firm itself, suggests that team productivity increases by around a third when they start using the software, primarily by reducing internal e-mail and meetings. Slack has decided to open itself up to other apps, becoming a platform by which employees can log into and use other software tools.

Third, software firms are trying to automate functions that used to be done by people in order to make employees more productive. Slack has made a big push into “bots”, algorithms that can automate menial tasks which used to be done by humans. Slack offers bots that compile lunch orders and projects’ progress reports, or generate analytics on demand. In the future employees will be able to chat with software agents to get more done, working alongside bots as well as their peers.

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Artist Corrects Inaccuracies At The George W. Bush Library With Augmented Reality

Picture1Philip Lelyveld comment - Technology is morally neutral. Look forward to alternate histories from all points in the political spectrum invading your world.

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AR lets fire fighters navigate burning buildings

Picture1Thermal cameras see thru smoke.  Heads-up AR display guides them.

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5 incredible AR apps everyone must try

Picture1[Philip Lelyveld comment: these work on both android and iOS]






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SMPTE Hollywood VR primer with resources presentation

May 25, 2016 VR Overview and update deck, including resources for learning more about VR, presented to SMPTE at the TV Academy's Linwood Dunn theatre.

Deck copy


Netflix is testing a virtual reality ‘rental store’

VRFlixAs part of Netflix's latest hack day, its designers have created a VR showroom that users can stroll around thanks to HTC Vive's room-scale VR. Called 'The Netflix Zone' - with a font that nods to a certain classic TV show - the hack was put together by just three developers; Joey Cato, Marco Caldeira, and Adnan Abbas.

In the zone, the familiar Netflix movie categories are reimagined as different shelf racks, including ones for personal recommendations. Titles such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards sit on shelves in the form of VHS cassettes. In a nice bit of attention to detail, if they're picked up and rotated with the Vive's controllers, the familiar tape spools are built into the back of each object.

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Virtual Reality Game Transports You to the Jurassic Period

Picture1If you have dreams of visiting the age of the dinosaurs, virtual reality will likely give you the closest chance you'll get in your lifetime. According to The Verge, one of the newest pieces of media to combine VR and time travel is Time Machine, a game that transports players to the year 155 million BCE.

If you'd prefer to hang out with massive, land-roaming dinosaurs instead, virtual reality can help you out with that, too. In a 4-minute VR video released earlier this year, Sir David Attenborough introduces viewers to the largest dinosaur ever discovered, the Titanosaur. It's a slightly calmer experience than the science fiction world of Time Machine. Owners of a Rift or VIVE headset can download the new game from Steam for $30.

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VR PR: What Are Consumers’ Thoughts on VR Device Spending, Content Access and Interests? (Market Research)

New research from emerging business and technology consulting firm Interactive Broadband Consulting Group (IBB) analyzes the consumer virtual reality (VR) market opportunity beyond gaming. The firm conducted a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. online consumers that expressed an interest in VR.

Key insights included:

  • A majority (54%) of consumers that are interested in VR think it is here to stay, not a fad.
  • Less than one third (31%) of people interested in VR have actually tried it.
  • More than three quarters (77%) say they are willing to spend on VR gear, with 18% saying they’d pay more than $250.
  • Overall, men expressed nearly 2x more interest in VR than females—however, this interest balanced out among middle-aged respondents (35-54).
  • “Movies and TV” had about 50% interest in almost all age groups—no other content category attracted a higher level of widespread appeal.
  • Men are more interested in movies and TV, live events, gaming and user-generated VR content, but women are 35% more interested than men in travel-themed VR experiences.
  • 42% would watch virtual reality ads in exchange for free content and 38% would watch ads as long as they are “cool and relevant.” About one third (34%) would not watch ads.
  • The content distribution market is up for grabs with respondents planning to access across internet video providers (55%), gaming platforms (41%), wireless providers (29%), app stores (28%), cable or satellite providers (26%) and social networks (17%).

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Storyboarding in Virtual Reality

1*R_cockpE1He-5rp2ACL4LAUntil we’re all wearing HMDs and have a quick way to sketch and share in 3D, we’ll have to work with good old-fashion 2D. I’ve created a template that you can freely use to storyboard your VR ideas.

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