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Aerial robots take augmented reality to the skies

The UN’s International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is currently developing global standards for the use of this new technology; and the European Parliament is setting the agenda for potential future European-wide regulation.

In this increasingly regulated sector, augmented reality becomes vital. Rules around flying drones are becoming less focused on when and where drones are operated, and far more about the pilot’s visibility of the drone and how drones can be piloted in the safest way possible.

This is where visual line of sight comes in; the theory that a drone pilot should keep their drone within their visual sight at all times. Of course, with drones being used more and more in high-risk areas, achieving this is proving more difficult.

Drone pilots are increasingly relying on augmented reality smart glasses to effectively keep sight of and control their drones. With a view to developing cutting-edge technology, Epson and drone manufacturer DJI have collaborated on a pair of smart glasses with advanced head tracking sensors that enable the drone pilot to visualise a 360-degree canvas, while keeping track of the device and maintaining line of sight.

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