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Virtual reality system for assisted living, memory care wins prize

virtualreality_1182900[Philip Lelyveld note: I am an advisor to this company.]

The Rendever system includes multiple virtual reality headsets, custom software and a tablet computer. The software syncs headsets together so users can experience a virtual world together that could include a childhood home, an exotic locale, a sporting event or a relative's wedding. The headsets can be controlled simultaneously by caregivers, using the tablet. All content is custom-made by Rendever, based on 20 million gigabytes of content from the internet.

In addition to serving as a tool for socializing, the system can be used for reminiscence therapy, according to MIT. Rendever also hopes to leverage virtual reality data to aid in diagnosing dementia.

The company said it tested the system at a Brookdale community in Massachusetts and found that overall resident happiness increased by 40%. The MIT AgeLab is helping to validate the study findings.

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