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Startup to Introduce Holographic TV Technology at NAB 2017

Light_Field_Labs_RaytraceStartup Light Field Labs, founded by three former Lytro engineers, is working on creating holographic displays via light field technology. The goal is to create a TV set that can project a 3D hologram into the living room, with the further-off goal of enabling the user to touch it. Although that might sound like science fiction, the company founders stand behind their idea, and state the company will be able to ship a few displays to developers in 2018. Commercial production will be in operation by 2019 or 2020.

...the three founders — chief executive Jon Karafin, chief technologist Brendan Bevensee and vice president of engineering Ed Ibe — say commercial production will commence “either by licensing the company’s technology to partners or by building out its own production facilities.”

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