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‘Moss’ uses virtual reality to bring a mouse to life on PS4

e317_moss_gdp_screenshot_02Players take control of Quill, a female mouse, who is looking for a family member. They can move her around with the DualShock 4’s analog stick. They use the X button to jump and square to slash with her sword.

But “Moss” gets interesting when players realize they also control a second character — The Reader. When they look down at themselves in a pond, players see that they’re spirit of some sort that only Quill can see. Staring down at their in-game reflection, The Reader look like No-Face from “Spirited Away.” Because the world is built to the scale of Quill, players is the size of a giant and they can interact with the environment.

A core element to that is the puzzle solving. As Quill and The Reader explore the world through static set-piece scenes, they come across obstacles that both have to figure out. It starts off with a simple problem. Quill falls into a pit with crablike enemies attacking her. After beating them, players have to figure out how to get the mouse out. By touching the environment, they discover they can lift out a spiral staircase and players can move Quill around it and jump across.

If players are lost and can’t figure out the puzzle, Quill acts as a hint system gesturing to different areas of the puzzle to help players along.

“Moss” has a charm that few VR games have. Players can expect to play it on PlayStation VR this holiday season.

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