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Flatline VR Brings Near-Death Experience To Life

MASTER-schnitz-vortex-IMG_9170The journey the Flatline VR experience follows is that of Gloria, a young woman in the 1950s who suffered a miscarriage in a wing of a large hospital and was left alone while she bled out.

“They put her in a room and forgot about her in a wing that wasn’t busy, and she was screaming for help for days and nobody heard her,” Schnitzer recounted. “She lost consciousness and died and went through this Flatline experience. When she woke up there were doctors at the foot of her bed. Her husband was in the military and he told her not to tell this account to anybody, so it wasn’t until decades later that she wrote about it in a letter to somebody.”

The words written in that letter are the exact words that actress Mella Leigh recorded for this VR experience.

Beyond the expansion and the extraction of the color spectrum, the feeling of falling and spinning and turning, and the 360 audio experience that’s been designed to disorient you, there’s a lot more to the experience, including an element that makes it worthy of a horror festival.

The entire experience was created in four months by a team of 12 people, including the audio team. It marked a collaboration between Schnitzer’s The Brain Factory 3D Live, the company behind Electronic Arts, Bioware’s and Cedar Fair’s Mass Effect 4D ride at Great America.

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