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Berkeley ALS – 3D Models and Virtual Reality

Ever wondered what’s under the ALS dome and inside the accelerator tunnels powering our synchrotron light source? Now you can explore the ALS from your computer or don a VR headset (even something as simple as a Google Cardboard) and find out!

These scans, created by ALS summer intern Sam Schickler and the Lab’s Accelerator Survey and Alignment Group, used Matterport’s equipment and processing software.

To view the scans from your computer or tablet in 2D, just click on them below and use your mouse or touchpad to navigate. To access the VR experience with a Cardboard, download the Matterport VR app on your phone. Then, in your phone’s browser, navigate to this page and open one of the scans below. Click on the goggle image in the lower right-hand corner of the scan, and follow the instructions to view the space in VR.

Click on the walking man to wander down the corridor of the Advanced Light Source ring.  Click on info bubbles.  See the full interactive site here:

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