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Indoor Bike Powered By App Lets You Ride In Virtual Reality

DSC_0568Imagine working out on a stationary bike, winding your way through courses based on real roads while your bike adjusts to your speed, gear, and resistance. Then imagine racing against fellow riders in virtual reality.

VirchyBike LITE, available on Kickstarter, promises to deliver those experiences and more.

The Virchy Studio platform offers a number of live, virtual classes similar to those offered by Peloton. If your instructor says to increase the bike’s resistance, the bike can do that automatically. If you want a measure of your performance, you can compare yourself against your instructor. A fan that can be purchased separately also creates a wind effect.

VirchyBike LITE can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for $399, a mere fraction of the price of other, similar indoor bikes.

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