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How virtual reality can help seniors

BetaBoxAn event held at AARP innovation lab The Hatchery as part ofTechweek showcased various companies that use virtual reality to help seniors out in various ways.

Outside of their formal event at The Hatchery, AARP and Booz Allen Hamilton set up a BetaBox that showcased various virtual reality and mixed reality demos for guests to try, while also introducing the pillars of brain health mentioned above.

Inside the Hatchery, one of the startups, VRHealth, operated on a similar premise. Founder Eran Orr was onhand with an environment that allowed users to pop balloons with a sword.

While the BetaBox demo and VRHealth obviously focus primarily on the “move” pillar of brain health, Boston-based startup Rendever and cofounder Kyle Rand are aiming at to fulfull the “discover” and “connect” pillars of brain health. Their product can show virtual versions of famous landmarks and places, or offer more personalized versions of places like childhood homes and marriage locations. Rendever is intended to be used in groups, to give seniors something to talk about even after the discovery of the virtual experience has ended.

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