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Beyond the Future: SpaceCRAFT VR – Changing the Fate of Space Exploration

Ares_Base_Construction_MARS_2-600x298SpaceCRAFT VR, helmed by Dr. Greg Chamitoff, current Texas A&M professor and former NASA astronaut, is a VR “sandbox” environment designed to enable government, university and commercial entities to collaborate in the design, use and evaluation of technology for future operations in space.  While it isn’t yet ready for the public, SpaceCRAFT VR is well on it’s way to achieving its mission of, according to Dr. Chamitoff, “enabling anyone and everyone, to contribute to, and participate in, the design of the future for our species beyond planet Earth.”

Dr. Chamitoff is advancing the future of the final frontier with many brilliant minds including, Nazareth Bedrossian, Ph.D., Joe Woskow, Andrew Shulkind and several graduate student...

Keeping with SpaceCRAFT VR’s tradition of out-of-the-box thinking, the team is also joined by Andrew Shulkind, a leading immersive content expert and award-winning cinematographer of film and commercials.  When asked about his role in SpaceCRAFT VR and his thoughts on it’s mission, Shulkind said, “Greg and I are partnering on few projects, but SpaceCRAFT is one that I’m most excited about.  Space exploration is a focus for everyone with an eye to the future, in almost every discipline.  It speaks to the very nature of human curiosity.  The questions of “how" and “who" have always been a challenge, and SpaceCRAFT answers these concretely. ...

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