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HTC Announces Multi-million Dollar Vive Art Initiative, Bringing VR to Museums Worldwide

vive-arts-exhibiton-1021x580[Philip Lelyveld note: 8 years ago I consulted with the Broad Foundation on 'the future of museums in the digital age.'  This HTC announcement addresses a valuable but small piece of the puzzle.]

HTC announced a new multi-million dollar VR initiative aiming to support content, creators and institutions that embrace VR not only as an artistic medium itself, but as a way to better immerse users in all forms of art. The company aptly calls the program VIVE Arts.

“With the launch of Vive Arts, we are driving Virtual Reality’s influence in art and providing access to our world’s cultural heritage. We are empowering artists to create, and consumers to experience and interpret, art and culture in new ways,” said Joel Breton, vice president, VIVE Studios. “We are thrilled for the next Vive Arts’ project with Tate Modern, and support their mission to increase the public’s enjoyment and understanding of international modern and contemporary art.”

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