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Everipedia – Wikipedia with Blockchain security and editor buy-in

Everpedia-Inline2Everipedia already uses a points system where creating articles and approved edits amasses “IQ.” In January, when the site moves over to a blockchain, Everipedia will convert IQ scores to a token-based currency, giving all existing editors an allotment proportionate to their IQ—and giving them a real, financial stake in Everipedia. From then on, creating and curating articles will allow users to earn tokens, which act as virtual shares of the platform. To prevent bad actors from trying to cash in with ill-founded or deliberately false articles and edits, Everipedia will force users to put up a token of their own in order to submit. If their work is accepted, they get their token back, plus a little bit for their contribution; if not, they lose their token. The assumption is that other users, motivated by the desire to maintain the site’s value, will actively seek to prevent such efforts.

Everipedia wants to create an entirely new class of of truth-seekers. “Wikipedia is largely older white men,” Forselius says. “We’ve tried to focus on getting a lot of female edits, younger editors, and diverse background and ethnicities.” (A 2011 survey found that 90% of “Wikipedians” are indeed male, and 28% are over 40.)

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