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Philips Hue Entertainment is a smart lighting game-changer

[Philip Lelyveld comment; Philips Hue lighting tech is the anti-Movie Theatre experience.  In a theatre everything around the screen is black so that you are drawn into the screen image as a window to another world.  The Philips Hue tech bleeds the experience into the surrounding room and reinforces that you are looking at a screen.]

I was more impressed by a new algorithm that lets you select colors using photographs. Before, you could tap a photo and the app would send the color of the pixel you happened to land on to your lights. Now, in a huge improvement, the app will scan your photo, filter out any useless colors that won't work well with your bulbs and create a brand new palette to play with based solely on the remaining shades. To get you started, the app includes over 30 new photo-based scenes in different categories such as "Citylights" and "Twilights," but you can also upload any photo you like.

The final Hue announcement of CES 2018: New outdoor bulbs and fixtures, coming this summer.

The Hue team isn't sharing product specifics just yet, but the idea is to focus not just on entertainment, but on security, too. That's not a bad pitch given that proper exterior lighting can help deter potential intruders from attempting a break-in...

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