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Apple Patents Optical System for Use in Both VR and AR Headsets

  • The patent application goes into detail describing an optical system for use in a head-mounted display. This head-mounted device could be used for either virtual or augmented reality purposes — both are mentioned, but the emphasis, interestingly, is being placed on virtual reality.
  • Additionally, Apple notes that long-term use of a head-mounted device can be uncomfortable. The patent also describes its methods for mitigating this issue — namely the use of more efficient lenses that aren’t bulky or heavy.
  • Basically, Apple has invented a system that can display images or other content on a head-mounted device that incorporates more efficient and comfortable-to-wear technology.

AR-VR-Apple-HeadsetOf course, since it is just a patent application, there’s no guarantee if we’ll ever see the tech described hit the market. So take these rumors with a grain of salt.

See the full story here:

See the 15 page patent here:

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