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7 of the best augmented reality apps for iPhone you should download right now

980x-2AR Runner

Running with a $1,000 glass smartphone in your hand might not be for everyone, but AR Runner is a fun use of AR nonetheless —and it gets you to go outside.


980xStack AR

Stack already exists as a simple but attractive and addictive tower-building game. Now, the new AR version lets you build towers in the augmented world around you.


980x-3Paper Bin AR

On a very similar theme, Paper Bin AR is a game where you throw scrunched up balls of paper into an office trash can. Place the bin further away to increase the difficulty level and pick from either a set of virtual settings, or use AR to place the basket on your desk, floor, or on a table across the room.


Another fun but practical use of AR is with tattoo app InkHunter, which lets you try on tattoos virtually before committing to the real thing. The app requires you to draw a straight-lined face on your skin with a pen; this helps the app work out where to put the tattoos.

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