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Virtual reality horror ride could help train actual railway workers

The Seibu Group has devised two virtual-reality (VR) projects with entirely different purposes. One is to scare the pants off train riders. The other is to ensure that passengers never have to experience such frights.

The group’s Toshimaen amusement park in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward has converted its haunted house into an attraction called “Onryo Haisen VR” (Vengeful spirit, deserted railroad VR).

The VR experience of the ride not only spooks the visitors, but it can also help to train Seibu Railway Co. workers to prevent and deal with rail accidents in real life.

The riders are supposed to report distortions in the shape of the tracks. They can get rid of ghosts and other monsters by shining their headlights on them.

The VR technology allows the company to safely create abnormal circumstances, such as the warped tracks seen in the horror ride.

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