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NAB 2018: Immersive Leisure With AR, Gamification, and VR

Dreamscape_Immersive_Alien_Zoo-2During a Destination NXT presentation at NAB Show, Media Sherpa managing director John Canning moderated a panel on “redesigning the consumer experience” with “AR Adventures, Gamified Gatherings and VR Vacations.” Canning asked the panelists what drew them to creating immersive media. chief operating officer Stephen Powers sees this “new media as having the unique power” to “lift the human spirit.” For Vari Parks chief executive Louisa Spring, it’s her love of VR and desire to bring the experience to more people.

In the U.K., Spring’s company is building a 3,000-seat eSports arena that will feature VR and AR “orbiting around it.” “VR was the first time I saw gaming and storytelling working together,” she said. “It’s also important to take it out of the home, because a lot of families can’t afford the gaming equipment.”

Adobe creative resident and experiential designer Craig Winslow said he fell for the combination of projection mapping and AR. He just launched “Brilliant” at the Neon Museum, which brings old neon signs back to life. “You can see physical relics and then see them change, without a headset,” he said. “For me, it’s a search to create that kind of magic.”

Canning noted that, “we can get hung up with the limitations of the technology.” “But if we don’t do the first iteration, we’ll never get where we want to go,” he said.

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