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Google makes Ramadan on the Web easier

AR-180519617.jpg&MaxW=780&imageVersion=16by9&NCS_modified=20180513181723The Qibla Finder, an app launched last year that uses augmented reality on Android devices to identify the direction of the Qibla, will now be available even while offline. The update also allows Android users to add a shortcut to app on their home screen.

Qalam, Google's newest offering, is a browser app with which users can share greetings made from VR and calligraphy. Google worked with 9 world-renowned artists and calligraphists to create over 35 artworks which merge between virtual reality art and calligraphy.

"From augmented reality in Qibla Finder to virtual reality in Qalam, we brought Google's innovation to your fingertips this Ramadan," Jarrar added.

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