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VRLA 2018 Highlights

VRLA2018_6DOOR #1

Another comedic gem from the fine folks over at RYOT, DOOR #1 is a multinarrative 360-degree live action journey back to high school for a night of love, loss and maybe even some space travel. Users step into the shoes of a high school graduate returning to his old stomping grounds for his 10-year reunion.

Users have the chance to head down several different roads in this zany comedy, each leading to a unique outcome. Talk to your highschool sweetheart, or stick with your buddy? Accept a dance with an awkward aquantence from years past, or go smoke weed in the bathroom with the janitor?

The choice is up to you, leading to several outrageous endings from smoking weed with Snoop Dog (yes, the real Snoop Dog) as you travel the galaxy in search of adventure, to straight up dying.  A witty script and a few cameos make this one of RYOT’s best pieces of content.

See the full story here:

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