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Solo’s Train Heist Was Designed With the Help of One Big Virtual Reality Leap

hangingaround-620x349So, one important part of the train heist is the ability of the characters to jump from car to car. But as reported by, there was some doubt as to whether the protagonists would be able to make those jumps. To make sure the sequence made sense, James Clyne, a design supervisor at Lucasfilm, used Lucasfilm’s Virtual Scout technology, which typically lets creators check out CGI-ed sets on virtual reality, to investigate personally.

“You put the goggles on and you’re standing on a train car 60 feet up,” Clyne says. The gear was set up in a relatively small office space. “Could I run and try to jump?” he recalls asking. “They were like, ‘Well, we’ve never done that. We usually just have people slowly walking around the room.’”

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