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Augmented Reality Meets Blockchain

There are also obvious marketing plays here. IZX (currently having its token sale through August), is one of those making the argument that a decentralized platform for marketers using AR is a boon to consumers. The notion is for players to “collect tokens in augmented reality and exchange them for valuable prizes – crypto-tokens of other projects, gifts from advertisers and discounts.”

As for fully-fledged games, Reality Clash isn’t a groundbreaking game in itself, but it is implementing non-fungible items as weapons – think CryptoKitties but the cats are guns. Of course, you can buy the guns with RCC Coins (their own currency), and you can become a “virtual arms dealer” by selling and trading them on RC’s platform.

Then there’s vaporware, like Lucyd’s proposed AR glasses.

Perhaps more interesting is Scanetchain, which is just closing its own pre-sale. This company is using blockchain as a ledger for products in the real world that can be scanned and thus enable a wide swath of purposeful content. Imagine scanning a water bottle and getting an offer to buy that water at a discount, delivered to your door. The company has a few interesting twists on top of its AR tech, including an off-chain layer to accelerate transactions, and Proof-of-Activity compensation. The AR commercial platform is set to launch in Singapore in September, 2018 and could be worth tracking to see how many vendors and marketers it can get on board.

Rounding out our highlights tour is Arcona. The company is offering digital land in a pre-sale (now over), and will open its marketplace soon. Here, instead of buying virtual land as in Decentraland, the company is offering AR space grafted onto the real world.

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