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How Magic Leap Is Making The Magic

When the consumer version of the ML is available through AT&T, which supported the original iPhone launch eleven years ago, hundreds of apps will be needed to please a broad palette of consumer tastes and interests. The crowd of developers here has a distinctly indie feel to it, though almost all the demos I saw were from well-known companies like WETA Workshop, Wayfair, and Rovio.

I had an amazing lunch with Andreas Sennheiser, whose company just released its spatial audio headset, AMBEO, and accompanying app, which provides creators a sophisticated audio creation tool that takes the physics of the real world, like reflected sound, into account. The goal of the new product is to create a "transparent audio experience that blends surrounding audio with digitally created content." Sennheiser, which is best known as the provider of superior professional audio recording equipment for the film and television industry, has been looking at spatial audio for twenty years.

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