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Bose Frames combine headphones, sunglasses and… augmented reality?

The most surprising part is that the Frames are the first component of the Bose audio AR platform, which offers an alternative to the visual AR systems like Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens.

Bose didn’t provide an example of exactly how Bose AR will work, but the company noted that the tech "knows where you are and what you’re facing using a 9-axis head motion sensor and the GPS from your iOS or Android device — and automatically adds a layer of audio, connecting that place and time to endless possibilities for travel, learning, entertainment, gaming, and more.”

On paper, that sounds awfully intriguing — these smart sunglasses could give you a guided museum tour, for example, or help you navigate a new city with step-by-step directions without pulling out your phone, or provide information at the tap of a button. The possibilities for integration are endless and, depending on how it’s used, frightening.

The audio drivers are located inside the arms of the sunglasses that Bose claims will "produce discreet, jaw-dropping sound for the user, and no one else".

Finally, the Frames will be equipped with both a mini microphone and an assistant button that will allow you to summon Siri or Google Assistant.

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