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Xbox VP Mike Ybarra Says VR Isn’t “Worthwhile”

xbox-vrMike Ybarra, the corporate vice-president for Xbox, has said on Twitter that he thinks VR is not yet “worthwhile,” emphasizing the unlikely future of Xbox VR. Responding to a request for recommended VR games and applications, Ybarra wrote, “Google Earth is cool but not even close to what is needed to make the tech worthwhile. Sigh.”
Back at E3 2017, Phil Spencer was adamant there was a future for VR on the Xbox One X in particular, but since then has expressed similar doubts on the current capabilities of VR applications. In contrast, Sony invested in their own PSVR headset for the PS4, demonstrating their belief in the permanence of VR in the console sphere. This move appears to have been successful, with the PSVR headset selling 1.3 million units in 2018 alone, showcasing the demand for VR on modern consoles.

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