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Nissan uses 5G to put an augmented reality co-driver in your passenger seat

FKV3zZz3iHLZfRX3axkBJF-650-80Nissan unveiled its Invisible-to-Visible technology at CES 2019 in January. The system combines data from the car's sensors with mapping and other information stored in the cloud, and presents it all in AR.

You will be able to see this presented as a 3D map inside the car, but for the personal touch, you'll also have the option of interacting with a virtual co-driver, who'll sit beside you on your journey.

Nissan has also elaborated on the idea of a 'Metaverse', which it has now defined as "a virtual world where people can interact through avatars", providing company and assistance on long journeys. Think Ready Player One, but with less fighting and more virtual back-seat driving.

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