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Paramount Is Preparing Theaters For Extra-High Frame Rate/3D Versions Of Ang Lee’s ‘Gemini Man’ Starring Will Smith

Ang-Lee-Life-of-Pi-1199x520The film, which stars Will Smith, Clive Owen, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, tells the story of an aging assassin attempting to leave the lifestyle, but finds himself hunted by a younger clone of himself. Think “John Wick” but if Keanu Reeves was being stalked by a younger Keanu.

Not only is this going to require some extensive de-aging and CGI visual effects work, just to make it convincing, but Lee isn’t content with stopping there. He’s also apparently utilizing the HFR (High Frame Rate) technology that he used on the aforementioned ‘Billy Lynn.’

The note sent to exhibitors comes with instructions on how to test whether the theater is equipped to handle the HFR technology. The letter states the film will have versions presented in 60fps 3D and 120fps 2D. Of course, one has to assume this is in addition to the typical 24fps 3D and boring old 24fps 2D.

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