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‘Wizards Unite’: First look of new Harry Potter mobile game by makers of Pokemon Go

dd50ba2e-56bb-4502-8823-ffd036bc7c54-large16x9_1280x720_51211C00UGDKWAccording to the website, the game hinges on The Calamity, which is causing magic to spring penetrate the Muggle world.

The players (witches and wizards) around the world must solve the mystery of the “Foundables”, which are artifacts, creatures, people and memories appearing in the Muggle world, and return them to their rightful place.

As players explore the world, the Map will reveal ‘Traces’ of magic.

These Traces are all around while Foundables will be likely to appear at various places in the real world like parks, banks, college campuses, zoos and more.

Players will get the chance to cast spells and find ingredients to brew potions that will help in the Wizarding World journey.

Also, Fortresses will host challenges that allow real-time multiplayer battles, pitting players against dark foes like Death Eaters and werewolves.

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