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5 Reasons Google Bought Widevine (Updated)

[Phil Lelyveld comment: This is a surprise, but understandable.  I've known the Widevine folks for years.  They have very good technology, and credibility in the marketplace.]

Google announced today that it will acquire Widevine Technologies, giving it access to technology necessary to securely deliver video to a wide range of connected devices. The acquisition is more than just a technology play on Google’s part; the Widevine purchase will also bring deep Hollywood relationships and improve its chances of getting Google TV deployed on consumer electronics devices.

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Copyright and Technology story.

Less than a day after I pooh-poohed announcements made by Google’s general counsel about supposed steps the company is taking to enhance copyright enforcement over its services, Google announced a deal to acquire Widevine Technologies, one of the last remaining independent DRM vendors. ... Yet there are at least three reasons why Google might be interested in owning Widevine.

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