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Business Writing Gets A Boost From Big Data

textio-augmented-writing-servicesSimply put, Harris told PYMNTS, “augmented writing is applying data to words. The difference between successful business writing and failing is the words that you use.”

In general, here is what augmented writing entails: By analyzing millions upon millions of words from actual communications – emails, cover letters, marketing copy and so on – machine learning can predict what types of words and sentences work best in a specific context. The data analysis keeps track of which messages lead to positive and desired results, Harris said. When someone is writing a message with the augmented writing technology in the background, the software helps the person select the right copy, learning from every keystroke in what Harris called a “positive learning loop.”

The idea is to bring a new level of craft and efficiency to business communications, including job postings and candidate applications. The predictive engine that powers the technology can help produce more precise copy for those tasks, which can making hiring less of a hassle, and even less expensive over time. The technology also recognizes context and makes appropriate suggestions.

“The language that works in Denver is different from the language that works in New York or London or San Francisco,” Harris said. “The way you would talk to an engineer is different than the way you would talk to a fashion designer or someone in financial services.”

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