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Reality Rebels Wants To Turn Your Home Into A Location-Based VR Playspace

The Oculus Quest’s free-roaming capabilities could be a game-changer for the at-home VR industry by allowing users to immerse themselves in larger, more complex immersive experiences; similar to that of various location-based VR experiences offered at an ever-growing lineup of immersive arcades.

If you need proof of the standalone headsets viability as a location-based VR platform, take a look at the work being done by Reality Rebels, a small team currently in development of a local multiplayer house-scale VR experience which automatically generates custom levels based on the layout of your home, office, or any other location you choose to play in.

The team, composed of one developer and four playtesters, has documented their efforts in a series of videos uploaded to their personal YouTube channel. These updates showcase new improvements and additions to the prototype experience, such as a VR elevator that transports users between procedurally-generated levels, randomized windows and obstructions, and artificial intelligence that reacts to the user’s presence as well as their environment.

See the full story here:

and the video here:

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