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Virtual Reality Company Rendever Making Jump to In-Home Care

So far, virtual reality company Rendever has largely used its technology to reduce the social isolation of older adults living in senior living communities throughout the U.S. Teaming up with in-home care providers, however, may be the key to the company’s future, according to co-founder and CEO Kyle Rand.

Overall, Rendever works with more than 100 senior living communities, recently expanding its footprint to Canada and Australia.

Costs for the Boston-based Rendever’s services typically range from $300 to $400 per month for content and services plus $1,000 for the hardware kits.

“We really looked at the senior housing space as our focus,” Rand said. “It wasn’t that we were talking about VR and then starting looking at senior housing — it was the opposite. When we starting digging into the data we found that this problem of social isolation is pretty dangerous for seniors. If you look into the data there are serious co-comorbidities attached to it, as far-reaching as an increased rate of cognitive decline.”

Earlier this year, Los Angeles-based Embodied Labs created a virtual reality experience that allowed caregivers to see what it would be like to die in hospice care.

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