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Peter Thiel’s VC Fund to Host Conference for Ideological ‘Heretics,’ Maybe Summon a Ghost or Two

kht4x9yaqyjgbke9dcff“Ideological outcasts” who have been “banned from other conferences”—surely the country’s most beleaguered minority—can soon find a home with other like-minded individuals at “Hereticon,” a three-day conference being planned by the Founders Fund venture capital firm.

Topics including but not limited to: biological self-determination (modification, design), geo-engineering, transhumanism, the abolition of college, transgressive media, sex, the softer side of doomsday prepping, the nature of conspiracy, the benefits of starvation, constitutional monarchy (what?!), revisionist demography, immortality, drag culture, and building nations. After dark, on the top floor of our hotel, in a hidden room plastered in newspaper clippings of sightings and secret bases, there may be a talk or two on UFOs and literally a séance.

“We believe dissent is essential to human progress and hope Hereticon will spark important conversations within our community and beyond—that’s really the only goal,” Founders Fund vice president Michael Solana told Business Insider. 

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