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Pokémon Go will get new augmented reality features like shared AR and user-curated waypoints

pokemon-go-arAnd today, the company is making a bunch of announcements, some that will immediately or eventually benefits its games. One feature will be called Buddy Adventure in Pokémon Go. This means that multiple people will be able to share an augmented reality experience together and take selfie pictures of their Pokémon creatures and themselves in the same scene.

Niantic showed a demo with three people holding phones in an outdoor setting. They each had their Pokémon buddy creatures placed at the same real-world location. And when you looked through the screens of the phones, you could see three Pokémon creatures in the same scene, alongside their real-world trainers.

Perhaps more impressive and widely interesting is the Niantic Wayfarer program, which will enable players in all Niantic games to submit interesting locations to be included as sites in the virtual maps of the location-based games. This is part of what Hanke called “planet-scale AR.”

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