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TikTok has become the home of modern witchcraft (yes, really)

witchcraft-3TikTok's algorithms make it a safe haven for those with an interest in the occult – and they're drawing more and more people into the practice

A big part of TikTok’s algorithmic advantage comes from the For You page, or #fyp. It’s the first feed you see when you open the app, and comprises of a collection of recommended videos, personalised to you. But rather than getting trapped in an echo-chamber, as you might with other platforms, TikTok’s For You page works to introduce you to new content creators that embrace new ways of thinking. “The For You page is a very important feature because it doesn’t make us live in a bubble,” Selby explains. “Even though I’m a witch I’m not only showing on other witch’s feeds, like you would on Instagram. It helps you reach people you normally wouldn’t. It’s nice to be on a platform that supports creators, and doesn’t just look at us like advertising opportunities.”

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