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Ironman assembles virtual reality triathlon series

shutterstock_194477774Extreme running and triathlon organisation, the Ironman Group, has revealed it will launch a virtual reality triathlon series in order to allow athletes to compete and train during events remotely.

The aptly named Ironman VR Series will launch on April 1 through the organisation’s Ironman Virtual Club and will use wearable technology and fitness tracker apps to record an athlete’s data.

Andrew Messick, chief executive of the Ironman Group stated: “We believe that under extraordinary circumstances such as these, athletes should be able to maintain the structure and continuity that training and competition provides.

The Ironman VR Series could revolutionise how competitive sport is conducted in the future. With the help of virtual reality and wearable technology, the event has been able to fully transition itself onto a digital landscape, providing many athletes with a safe and efficient way to remain active whilst also taking part in self-isolation due to COVID-19.

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