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AVATOUR Brings Reality To Virtual Reality

960x0.jpg-2AVATOUR [sic] is a new group collaboration system that allows a remote host to bring virtual teammates, customers and/or workers to the job site for group collaboration. The ‘Host’ is in the physical world using a consumer grade, 360° camera attached to a selfie stick and an android device. The remote guests, up to 5, join the host using an Oculus Go head mounted display or desktop/laptop computer or a mobile phone, where they share the 360° view broadcast as if they were present. The 360° view IS the room in which the simulation takes place.

Participants see each other as three dimensional spatial avatars, blended with the live 360° video broadcast by the host. In a sense, the broadcast becomes the “room” in which the simulation takes place for the participants. The host and participants can then communicate in real time, looking at the same images though they may be distributed around the world. An unlimited number of parties can observe the session, which can be taped and annotated. During a demo earlier today, we felt an extraordinary sense of presence.

With its launch today, which consists mainly of “calling journalists and buying $500 worth of Google ad words” Copley says the company is ready to scale its sales and engineering teams and is now actively reaching out to VCs.

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