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How Can Augmented Reality and AI Better Help us Adapt to the (New Normal)?

[PhilNote: this is a light opinion piece.]

How-Can-Augmented-Reality-and-AI-Better-Help-us-Adapt-to-theHowever, what if there was a safer way to more slowly reopen the world without sacrificing the engagement, immersion and stories you’re looking to bring to end users?

With AI and AR, that could be possible.

Particularly in the case of AR (and its siblings virtual reality and extended reality), virtual experiences can be developed that deliver true immersion without unnecessary gathering or contact.

What if there were specific points throughout the space where, simply by using their mobile device, employees could get access to real-time information about safety measures, meetings, and more?

In short, it’s all about understanding the needs of the end user and delivering a unique, multisensory experience that inspires.

In the quest for robust and innovative AI and AR solutions, AV solutions and integrators will lead the way in helping the world keep pace, just as they have for innumerable technologies in the past.

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