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Ricoh’s New Spin-Out Company Brings 360 Cameras Into Focus

Gear-Inline-Vecnos-camera-angledRicoh will continue to make 360 cameras—the spherical videos captured by these devices have proven popular among amateurs and professionals creating immersive content. However, Shu Ubukata, the brains behind 360 imaging products like the original Theta series, will be leaving Ricoh (along with his team) to lead Vecnos as CEO. Vecnos will operate as a subsidiary of Ricoh, which is also the new brand's largest investor.

"The majority of Ricoh's business is office equipment," Ubukata told WIRED (with Vecnos senior vice president Kiyoshi Hashimoto serving as a translator). "To make a new product, a new culture, they decided we should make a new company. We are part of Ricoh, but Ricoh decided we should be very independent like a startup company."

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