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AI and websites: What problems still need to be solved?

One of the dream applications for designers and developers could leave the manual coding behind. The initial creative drawing you do could be taken through an AI-powered program to generate a prototype that’s free from human error. In fact, it already exists in the form of Sketch2Code, which translates user interface (UI) design into HTML markup using AI.

Artificial design intelligence or ADI is the branch of AI that they say will impact the design process itself. At its core, ADI uses machine learning to identify the latest and best web design trends and put it together to create a website. In essence, you enter a series of parameters, and the ADI generates a unique or personalized design.

The Grid is probably the most popular of the potential ADI programs: the team raised $4.6 million in 2014. However, other giants in DIY web design are also playing around with AI: both Wix and GoDaddy have introduced a basic website generator.

So, where are you most likely to first see AI as a designer or developer? The most likely players to entertain a greater application of AI will probably be those in the e-commerce sector. Why? Because e-commerce giants are already leading the way. Amazon has paved the way for greater AI use with its machine-learning-capable recommendation engine, which generates 35 percent of Amazon’s revenue.

AI, UX, and designers

..., UX will be at the core of both customer demands and users’ journeys.

One of the ways AI can do this is by identifying the correct visuals for the site. (Remember that visual search could be ruling the world by the end of 2021.)

All of a sudden, you’re more likely to show the user an image that’s truly useful to them rather than an image that you think looks good strictly from a design perspective.

This practice is where current software like Adobe’s Sensei (mentioned above) comes in.

Ultimately, AI is more likely to impact all the other facets of running a web design or development business before it has any meaningful impact on design itself. What’s more, there are still fundamental problems to be solved: AI can only design based on the data it has, and it’s a fundamental challenge because human creativity and inspiration can outwit it every time.

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