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Amazing things you didn’t know about AI and more

8KVSojB4hzEPCePoE9iVajAI can read your mind

Mind reading may soon be possible: a team of University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) scientists has developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can translate someone's brain activity into text, according to Interesting Engineering.

"We are not there yet but we think this could be the basis of a speech prosthesis," said co-author on the paper Dr. Joseph Makinfrom UCSF.

A whole new AI lexicon is a webpage that uses AI to generate an endless stream of plausible babble, according to the Verge.

The result is a plausible stream of vocabulary worthy of Wikipedia consideration.


But what about Artificial consciousness?

If a computer could dream for itself, not because it was programmed to do so, this might be the biggest indicator that AGI is here.

How far are we from that? 

From a technology perspective, we're pretty far off, like a few decades off and experts say the first rough AGI is to be created by around 2030, but add that it won't be until 2060 until AGI has gotten good enough to pass a "consciousness test".

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