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iQIYI Announces Winners of its iCartoonFace Challenge, the First Large-scale Cartoon Character Recognition Competition in China

The team from Southeast University won the Challenge with a MAP (Mean Average Precision) of 0.9291 in the cartoon character detection track and the teams from Zhejiang University and Sun Yat-sen University jointly claimed the title of Best Algorithm in the cartoon character recognition track with a Rank1 accuracy of 92.4697%.

While human facial recognition technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and mature, cartoon character recognition is still in its infancy. Cartoon characters are far more complicated and diverse than human faces in terms of both color and texture. Other challenges include the fact that cartoon characters from the same content or universe could be highly similar in appearance, but characters from different universes may vastly contrast. Due to the complexity of this dataset, cartoon character recognition poses far more challenges than human facial recognition.

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