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Stuart Russell on AI Governance – AI Futures Podcast (S1E1)

Stuart-Russell-card-950x540-1In this episode, Stuart explores some of the correlates between AI governance and the governance and control of other technologies – including electricity and nuclear materials. He also explores some of his thoughts about international AI transparency and governance.

Interview Questions

(3:15) You believe that at some point we’ll need global governance of AI – can you summarize your position on this topic?

(8:15) Are there existing standards, procedures, or laws for other technologies that might apply well to AI as well?

(13:00) Do you think that early AI governance progress will begin with individual, discrete governance instances (say, around using AI to market to children)?

(19:10) Do you think that AI principles can be the right starting point for drilling down to more concrete governance?

(22:10) How can we develop an international AI values consensus with nations that don’t share values such as individualism, privacy, freedom of speech, etc?

(27:00) What does near-term international AI convening look like? How could nations begin to come together?

(33:30) Do you believe that the shared prosperity from beneficial strong AI would relieve the tensions towards violent international competition?

(38:00) What is the role for the private sector in helping to bring us closer to a better AI future?

(41:15) Do you believe that the “new normal” for AI governance and ethics in industries (like insurance or banking) can set a precedent for the bigger picture of AI ethics and governance?

Every Saturday from June 27th to September 12th, we’ll be covering a new AI Futures episode about AI governance.

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