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Frank Turner on playing the virtual reality version of Glastonbury’s Shangri-La: “It’s cool as shit!”

Frank-Turner-1392x884Viewers or punters – however you want to put it – go into this virtual reality version of Shangri-La and can walk around and stop in and see different stuff and one of them will be me, playing away as a hologram. You don’t have to have an actual VR headset to be a part of this either, that’s important to stress, you can just do it on an iPhone.

I went down to a warehouse in Bow to record my set, which was all very carefully socially distanced – and I’ve got to say, it was extremely nice to get out of the house to play some music. It was nice to remember that there are other people out there – my wife and I have been at home just the two of us for a really long time – and so nice to see people doing whatever they can to keep some form of live music going.

I would recommend some warm cans of lager, then put some wet trainers on and shit in a bucket – then you’ll be pretty close to the Glastonbury experience.”

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